118: Gentlemanly Behavior.

This is me on my trainer by the pool. Eat it.

Everyone has been asking me about the Gentleman's Race that is coming up this weekend. How have you been training? What's your top end lactic threshold? Tell me about Watts. Explain the Mystery that is Racing.

I can't do that for two reasons.

1) Road Racing is somewhat of a Secret and I'd have to put that satin bag on my head and modulate my voice.

2) One word. Experiential.

That is a word right?

The truth of the matter is this. I don't really know how to explain it to you aside from taking you out on a bicycle and riding around the hills and Dalles that are the Portland area (little joke). So, I did the next best thing. Research.

And who better to tell you about Gentlemanly Style Racing than the Badger himself. Evil Ryan told me about this book a couple days ago. Honestly I'd never heard or seen it before (ok, laugh, guffaw, get it out) but it is AMAZING. In fact, every page is filled with absolute awesomeness.

Plus it has some tips about bike racing too.

The back cover alone is filled with more information than I could ever hope to disseminate on these web based pages. But the one that sticks out for me there is "How to use your opponent to help you win." I read that chapter three times. It starts out like this... "Make sure that your opponent is on the same team as yourself, then you'll never lose." Hmm (another little joke?) Greg? Chime in when you get a chance.

Seriously good stuff in this book though. I got it for $10 on Amazon. Crazy place that Amazon. The Training and Technique section has a lot of good stuff too. Like, how to wear Look shorts and make your gloves look really beat up.

I'll be taking most of my cues from this one though. Nice and relaxed. One hundred and thirty eight miles of Relaxed. Sigh. Lucky for me I'm going to be testing out these beauties this weekend at the race... I'm thinking that the White Pro Team Mitts will match my Kit nicely. Wait, what? "J, you don't wear a white kit. Do you?" We'll see...

Two Thumbs Up.

I know, I know. I'm a dork.