119: What's in your pocket sir?

Has anyone else realized that I like ping-pong? My father was in town a couple weeks ago and we got to play a few games down at a place called Ron Tom's. Whew. What a place. A man named Igor stepped in for a few too. Warning: If someone named Igor wants to play ping-pong with you, politely decline.

Someone asked me what I was taking on the RGR (Rapha Gentleman's Race) this weekend. The photo above is just an example. A base if you will. This was from my 100 miler a couple weeks ago with Ira. Now he's over in Norway or something Nordic and Cold being a male model for Rapha and Ira Ryan cycles. Ah, the life.

So, here is what we have above.

At least one extra tube.
Tire Lever. Realized later that I had two sets. Which I'm ok with.
Lezyne pump. Bite sized awesomeness.
Smashed Ira Ryan cycling cap. It got too hot.
Knog Porno Patch Kit
Cliff Trash
Camera in platic bag. I sweat a lot.
Food (these slim packages of nuts work well)
Keys. You never know when you might want to get back in your house.

Now this is what I took for a light, quick, hundred mile jaunt, and it wouldn't be too much different for the race this weekend. Although I might make a few adjustments to compensate for the fact that this one is a "race" and not a "ride." I put those in quotes because the first one was with Ira, so it tends to trend more toward the "race" end of things.

An extra water bottle.
Definitely a peanut butter sandwich. (Learned this one from Pete Smith)
iPod shuffle (pink) - one earbud only. looks pro. like race radio.
Another Tube.
Travel Size Embro Packets. They look like condiments and travel well.
A Cue Sheet? One with the turns large enough to read.
Go Pro Cameras (2). For documentation purposes only.

Might carry some of those little salt pills too. Or some powdered electrolytes in a baggie. That always comes in handy. I'm just going to play it by ear, or possibly wait till we catch up to the people who overstuffed their pockets and help them lighten their loads.

However curiously I'm not riding with the Rapha Continental guys. They've put together a pretty strong crew of dudes to represent that end of things. I've ridden with all of them except their mystery rider so I can safely say watch out for these guys. Dark Horse team much? James "Carp" Selman is leading the charge though. Gentleman first, Honorary Conti Rider second (but in no way less than first, excepting in the fact that its second.) Word on the street is that they pulled in a ringer from out of state as well?

I'll see if we can get a thought or two out of them on the way by.

Just another quick note on products and stuffing products. A big thank you to Lezyne for creating these products. Apparently (and I'm checking on this so bare with me) the guy who designed all these products used to be a designer/owner of Truvativ? Huh. Well, thanks for making something that is not only fashionable (fits in your pocket) but functional (it actually works).