123: In Season.

There is always so much to talk about. I love it.

What should I start with?

a) The party at Interbike that we are throwing? You know, the one that J. Powers is going to guest dj a set?
- what do YOU want to see from Interbike by the way? Products? Pros? Pasties?
-will Rapha/Embrocation/Ridley/Fizik/IF/KNOG party outdo Sinclaire Snoozefest?
(Secret: you don't have to buy 8 million Campy units to attend)
- Will Jon Cannings propose marriage to Liz Hatch here?

b) the sick sick sick postcards that D. Sharp made from his Giro trip this year... that has an acompanying photo book called...nah I'm not about to give all that away.

c) Volume Four is here and shipping!!

We got new helmets. This is a good place to start.

Got to race some cyclocross this past weekend. While everyone was out having fun in the mud and rain that was Starcrossed, I snuck away to Hood River, Oregon to try out their version of my favorite sport. The day started out well, pissing rain and looking to be muddy (which warmed my heart ever so much) that changed as soon as I stepped out of the car however. The sun came out, the track dried up and we were left with a dirt crit once again.

Great racing though.

Steven Hunter on the runup.

My roommate and PRO cross racer Steven Hunter (I figure if I watch his every move someday I'll be able to keep up) placed 4th. And looked great in his Veloshop kit. He and I recently sat down in front of the ol Computer and with the help of our good friend Mr. Illustrator we magically produced a new Veloshop kit. Stay tuned for that.

Speaking of Molly Cameron, she placed well at Starcrossed. 12th Well. Way to go Molly. Even taking a few rungs out of the spindly Barry Wicks. Good on you. Although from what I hear, Mr. Wicks has a new Mix CD that he is passing around. I am going to try and get ahold of it at Vegas this week. Stay tuned fearless readers.

I did hit up MC though and asked for 10 things that she liked from the Starcrossed race. Here are her responses:

1. Barry Wick's new mixtape.
2. rain! rain! bring the slickness!
3. racing at night under the lights, in a wet, slick velodrome.
4. the crazy loud supporters - hearing your name in every corner!
5. bumpy race venues, I like.
6. Troy Wells racing with a hangover
7. clipping out of my pedals in the jarring sprint finish
8. coming together with pals not often seen. a reunion to announce the coming season.
9. racing against Euro PROs (always gratifying)
10. Zac Daab - everything is awesome about that guy: MFG, CBS,

Oh I love it. The Dirt. The Grime. The Hangovers.

Welcome back Cyclocross, oh how I missed you. I've been thinking of you recently because I'm supposed to be writing something for our mutal friend Richard Sachs. I just get all caught up in the moment when I try to write to that guy. Sigh. There is just too much good stuff to say.

Back to the drawing board.