122: In Session.

Its kind of unclear how this really came about. I've been thinking back through how it all broke down. I think it went something like this.

Joe said he knew this guy at work who used to be a pro motocross racer (Thor). That's his bike above. Apparently those things go real fast off road. Not only that but someone was telling me recently (and this could be a fabrication of my mind, I'm not sure) that motocross racers (motocrossers?) are some of the fittest athletes around.

In any case I suggested we should try and moto-pace behind him on the dirt, with cross bikes. So, the Ira Ryan and Mr. Igleheart and a Raleigh SS shaped like a beer can made the trip out to some unknown location to give it a try.

Then Dylan said we should film it, and magically Dave showed up. I'm not going to lie, it did take a little bit of convincing on all parts. "But Guys, it will be AWESOME." I know that we must eschew your wife and his girlfriend for the evening, but I promise, its gonna be good." The light? Don't even worry about it, we've got light for days.

As Dan Action once said "I love when a plan comes together." We only had a few short minutes of light, so we just threw the bikes out of the van and went for it. But first we made sure that Dave was safely strapped to Thor's back. People, just so you know, these guys are professionals (not the Dusty Chimps in the lycra) the shooter and the driver. Do not try this at home (or if you do, at least document it).

Everything went off according to plan though. No one got hurt. At least not visibly. I realized that maybe, if you're riding 20 some odd miles per hour behind a dirtbike through a busted, rutted field that maybe you should back it off just a notch. Nah, I'm joking, turn that fucker up to eleven. Or in this case go full throttle.

Myles (GO SEE THIS SHOW) was just here and he said that he was worried that the film would turn people off to the School of Cross? Crazy Talk I say, we just needed to work out the kinks so that when we step into that arena (teaching that is) we would be ready to drop some knowledge. Trust me though when I say that we will drop that knowledge gently. Seriously. Can't wait to see everyone on Monday.

Now lets go race some cross shall we?