125: And an Ass to Match.

I can just bet that you're still beating yourself up over that one. "What could he have meant by that?" Seriously, don't leave me hanging here in the dark Mr. Dunn. Well, I'll show you what I meant by that because I had quite a few good times in the Speedplay booth this year.

Bam! There was this, for one. Now, I'm not exactly sure where they got this leg mannequin, but someone told me that it was actually modeled after Cancellara himself. Well sir, if that is the case, then you've got yourself a nice little booty going on there. Nay, you've got yourself an Ass. I'm just going to say it. In fact its quite possible that there is a little something hanging out in the back of that chamois...

Why was I spending time in the Speedplay booth? Well, for one David Alvarez is an employee of theirs and one of my favorite people in the whole of the cycling industry. Why? Well if for no other reason that he speaks about 13 different languages (one of them being the mystical, magical flemish). David and I met at the Tervuren race last December. Yet, was this to be our last encounter? No.

He speaks Flemish, so, chances are he knew what he was getting himself into when he boarded the Tom Boonen Fanclub Bus in April for the running of this little road race called Paris Roubaix. Well, in any case, he wrote a piece for Embrocation Volume 4 about his experiences on the bus. Shit, I almost forgot Embro Team Racer Pete Bradshaw was with him. Apparently getting shitcanned with Boonen's drunkard cousins. In any case the piece looks something like this...

What else was cool about the Speedplay booth? The Embrocation team pedals (little joke) looked pretty nice. They were green to match the kits. I have never used the Speedplay pedal system before, but some people swear by it and others seem to be on the fence. Thoughts?

The only thing that I could not figure out for the life of me, is why Italian men in polka dot shirts kept coming up and sniffing the saddle? I mean really going for it as well, not just wafting like they teach you in science class. These guys were getting down and dirty with this saddle. Nose hairs were touching the top of it. Maybe it was only to capture a moment a split second, a hint of the promise that Pellizotti offers?

And while I am at it.

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