126: All things Cross.

Sorry to say that I will be missing out on the festivities. Went to their event at Wheelworks last year and it was pretty crazy. People were buying raffle tickets as long as their arms. Longer even and coming away with some pretty sick prizes. Mo is one of the greats in New England Cycling (and she has a pretty kick ass mechanic too) so get out there and support their endeavor MM Racing. And Congrats to her on her win last weekend in VT. And one more point of interest: She is currently tied with Katie Compton for the most USAC Points. Niiice.

Mr. Joe Staples and I went out to P.I.R. to do some teaching on Monday night. We ended up teaching people how to dismount properly (have no fear, I will teach them the East Coast Step Through next time), how to keep your elbow in as you cross barriers, and we taught shouldering techniques as well. But before that happened we gave what one might call an Embrocation Session. This is where we explain what Embrocation is and how to fully utilize its magical capabilities.

Luckily for you Mike Davis from PDX Cross was there to capture the whole experience.

It got me to thinking though. I have already seen some great cross racing this year. In Vegas. Did I mention that I went to Vegas?

Cross Vegas is one of those rare bike races. Equal parts industry party, Mad Max desert romp, and lung busting Cyclocross racing (apparently something in the astroturf does the lung busting). So, I am always excited when I can get out and see the action. But, who is the first person that I see when I walk through those Pearly Cyclocross Gates? Well, none other than my good friend Dylan from Yakima. The same Dylan who has put together this little School of Cross.

He always talks about his Bike Vigilante friends. I'm thinking that this must be them. But, who knows really? I have certainly been wrong before.

As I was putting up these past few photos I actually received an email from Dylan inviting me over for dinner tomorrow night with his lovely girlfriend Erin (which is not one of those three girls in the top photo.) Am I still invited?

In any case, I had some cross racing to watch.

Molly was there. Killing it. Adam was there. Also Killing it, but maybe saving a little for the next night. Chris Jones came in second (what? it was dry) to Jamey Driscoll (what? he's from VT) and J. Page was in the mix as well.

I'm calling it right now. This is going to be both Molly Cameron and Jonathan Page's years, respectively. I'm just putting it out there. And I am really hoping that the MC decides to head back to Euro-land. I didn't get enough of P. Tachalet at Interbike...and he told me the good news. He finally got heat in his house, so this time when I come to stay I will not have to freeze my ass off all night.