130: A little Video Action on a Monday.

1) Colin Reuter started with his seatcam video action last year (I think.) And it has been getting better and better. What is the secret to his success? Better cameras? Better Mounting Position? More fitness? (hehe) Either way, this latest installment is great.

I really enjoy the serious looks on the faces of the riders. Embrocation Cycling Journal racers Peter Rubijono and the PVB feature heavily at the start. They look great in their kits but I couldn't help having a giggle at the expense of PVB. Come on my man, you need to smile a little bit. You look almost scared. But, that being said, scared is exactly how I feel every time I line up for one of these "A" races. They're brutal.

2) Jen's Voigt races a guy on a track bike. Who wins? Found this one over at Tracko . Pretty awesome to see the man line up on some German television show. You can fast forward to 3:20 on the viewer, unless you speak German and have some inkling of what they are saying. I do not. But the 200m race is pretty spectacular.