129: Rapha Weekend, Oregon Manifest, and RGR

There is a lot going on this weekend. But take a look at Tony Pereira's Oregon Manifest bike above. That shit is crazy. Seriously. I want one now. I will be heading down to the show in a few short moments to check out what the other builders have in store, but luckily T stopped by to show it off a little earlier. Damn that shit is hot. See more of the photos over at the Rapha Blog.

So, there is that, but there is also the Oregon Manifest Constructors Challenge Race presented by Rapha that is going on this weekend. Oregon Manifest kicked off last night with the Artcrank show down at the Cleaners next to the Ace Hotel. As per usual I was trying to cover the show from my Twitter account.

Pal of Embrocation Mr. Steve Francisco is also in town. He is racing a Parlee Carbon Jammy-Jam that is rigged up with a custom HED rear wheel. As I am driving the SAG wagon I will be twitting away and trying to snap a few photos at the same time. This is going to be a good weekend. I am putting my money on either Steve or David Wilcox who came also came out from the East Coast to come in first in the 77 mile course that Slate Olson put together. Although Tony Pereira who descends like a MoFo (there is a nice little gravel descent.)

Igleheart will also be on hand to race his bike at the event and then cheer me on as I crush it (or get crushed?) at the first Cross Crusade race out at Alpenrose. He mentioned that if he wasn't too too drunk he might try and race the Igleheart that he brought for the show in the Cyclocross race.

When I say that there is too much going on to get it all out there I really mean it. Check out the Rapha Gentleman's Race Recap on the Rapha site. Carey and Dave Christenson stayed up until the wee hours of the morning last night getting this together. I like all the photos that were taken from the Teams Disposable Cameras. What a nice touch. Mr. Joe Staples and I alternated between taking photos and carry the little bugger around with us.