134: Gamenda Comic and Paris-Tours


I saw this over here on Cyclowired and had a friend translate it for me. For you. For us. So, expect it in a minute and then see what you make of it. Apparently this woman, does a drawing for each major race, brakes them down stage by stage. At least that is what I hear.

UPDATE: Here's the Website with all of them. Check them out, there are so many of them. The one at the bottom of the page with Cadel crying is awesome. And hilarious.

It is all very cryptic.

Which I like.

The interesting thing is that Pippo Pozzato looks downright happy, and from what I gathered on Cyclingsnooze was that maybe he was not as happy as he looks in the drawing.

However, after seeing that I am instantly a fan of the final K's of Paris-Tours from this year. I found it through the Pavé blog (and saw their new kits the other night-sweet!) Style effect that I'm predicting out of this? Lets call it the Dragster. That is, smaller front than rear rim. Deep section in the back, medium in the front. Watch the video again, see? It looks good.

Also a fan of this video straight out the gate because of the awesomeness of its filming. Low angles, good coverage on the front as well as Pozzato trying to close the gap. He is a funny one that Pippo. Watch as he calmly holds off the closing freight train that are his colleagues. So calm, sooo cool. And you know what I say? Bring back the cornrows guy... (kidding, do not do that. )