140: Superb

I'm really sorry to be missing out on this tonight. Go check it out and support the local Boston scene because Mr. Kip Chinnian has been in that bike scene for, well, for ever and it is good to see him "classin" it up. But we know that it couldn't be done without the help of Jason (DJ Mayhem) Hollingsworth.

The shop has really come a long way and I'm anxiously awaiting the day when I can get back to ol 'Beantown and check it out. Sounds like they have an stellar cast of characters rounding out the crew as well. Heard the other day that my man-crush Andrew (if you are looking for some great Ink in the Boston area look him up- and I don't mean for your pen) is working there a few times a week. Look to that guy for a great sense of style. He is amazing at mixing new-school with a classic sensibility. Probably one of the few people that I would have no problem walking up to and saying "I want you to help me put together a sick bike." In fact that might be a good experiment.

Just sayin.

I also heard some rumors that Meighan O'Toole is having a little party tonight down at the Fourth Wall Project on Brookline Ave. There is no reason why you can not check out both of these events.

And please, dress up. I want to see some class, some distinction coming from our Boston Brethren/Sistren (what is the female version of Brethren?)