141: Work Hard

Mud. I am going to sleep thinking about Mud tonight. Thinking about it trashing my new Yokozuna Cables (BQ raved about them so I thought should give them a try right? Thanks Thayne.) Dreaming about Mud so thick it sucks your shoes off and levels the playing field. White bar tape instantly dirty. Let's have some of that.

The fellows over at Veloshop took care of me this week. Thanks so much for that. But while we are at it Molly, Ryan and Jake had some good stuff going on over there. Sour grapes and all. Take a look at the mutant pile of tubular tires that she has right inside the front door. This is not what I need to see every time I walk in the door. I want. I want.

I am currently running the TUFO Cubus and from what I can tell (just from putting my filthy paws all over them) the FMB's have a more supple casing to them. Check here on Molly's blog to find out more about Francois Marie Boyaux and his fabulous tubular tyres.