147: Morning Mud.

I like to start you out with a little video now and again even if it is not all that interesting. Few things to note with this one. One, it might be the last ride with this camera it got so covered in mud. Two, my Cateye light is futuristic and amazing, and rechargeable, and amazing. Thanks Ellen. And three, does Forest Part look like that scene in Return of the Jedi to anyone else? I love it for that and every time I head in there it makes me smile. This was in fact the route that made me want to move to Portland. Confirm.

I think that my Superb sticker looks pretty hot on the ol Igleheart. Check out there most recent blog post to see the little collaboration that these two have put together. Looking forward to checking it out in person sometime soon. Whats that? You miss me Boston? I figured.

I forgot about these photos from last Friday's ride. It was a good one, nice and muddy. I apologize that they are a little out of focus, I think that happened because the whole camera was covered in mud before I actually knew what happened. Apparently it is tough to focus a camera that is covered in mud.

So, this is what Joe looked like when we crested Germantown Road and were about to head off into the woods via Lief Erickson trail. Calm, collected and most importantly, clean. Very "fetching" as they say in head to toe Embrocation Cycling Journal garb.


Then, about twenty minutes later he turned into this. Now, I know initially when you look at this photo you think, well, that man does not look very happy. Could not be further from the truth. This man is in fact quite happy when he gets muddy. He is quite happy being muddy. It makes him feel like he is doing something bad (I just made that part up.) Only thing is I wonder what he does when he gets to work at least with all those muddy clothes? Maybe they make them into Nike Cycling spots. Or maybe not.


This here is Kyle. He is making some sort of an Urban hand gesture that I do not recognize. It looks something similar to the traditional "peace" sign but flipped upside down and placed remarkably close to his groin area. My guess is that it means something like "These two legs here are about to do some bike riding." Again, I could always be wrong. I will do some research and see what I come up with. Also note that Kyle is riding a Flatbar Single Speed bicycle. We will come back to that.


I don't know how he avoided it, but he did not get that muddy. Joe speculated that it had something to do with the fact that he was out front the whole time and therefor did not experience the backlash that was our tires. I think it had something to do with the sweatshirt that he was rocking. Somehow his lack of cycling gear and choice of bicycle allowed him to magically avoid all the mud. Will look to try that out this week.

Seriously. How the hell did Kyle remain that clean? Look at him back there laughing it up. Maybe the hand gesture was some sort of a signal to the gods? Something that said "hey gods, protect me from the forces that be." Possibly?