148: A Few Things.

I find myself looking around the web a lot these days. Looking at things that I like mostly. Sometimes looking at things the other people like, then deciding that these are the things I like. And then wanting them.

So, I thought maybe I should tell you about these things... Just in case you have been looking at them as well and then we could either commiserate on how neither of us have them or how we should go out and get them. Together.

1) Make Room for the Emptiness by Jim Houser. $75

Such a great print. With a great title. You can find it over at the BLDG webstore. Just let me know when you are ready to ship and I can get you an address. Found it over at Meighan's artblog My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses. Which has been positively killing it these days. Such great selection. I cannot wait to head over to Bodega with here sometime soon (you getting it yet?)

2) The Sartorialist Book. [Bespoke Edition] $110

Cannot really tell you why I want this one. Just because. Because you don't have it. And because they use the world "bespoke" in it. It makes me think that some English Gentleman is laboring over the saddle stitched spine and leather cover. Which he is not.

3) Rapha Soigneur's Bag. ~$ Unavailable ~

You do not have this one either. Which means, again, that I want. Probably not going to happen either, which makes me kind of bummed, because they are nice. Although the Embrocation one that we have, through Baileyworks, that one is nice too. I have two of them that I travel with because I take that much shit with me. Get one here.

4) Leica M8 Special White Edition. $9,000

I like my cameras like I like my podium shoes. Expensive and White. That really is not the truest thing that I have ever written in my life. But it could be close. This little beauty is expensive. Like, new, complete bike expensive. But that does not mean that I cannot lust after it right?

5) Mr. Jones Watches "On Foot" $185
Not so much a fan of this color combination, but I am a fan of the watch. Click on the link above and go to the website. It has all the world record times of every running race from the 100m to the 1000m. Awesome. And the best part is that you get to pick your own numbered edition. I like this option.

6) TIME Atac Julian Absalon Edition $148

I figured that we were going white for that last few, why not continue the tradition. I totally forgot about these. Saw them earlier in the summer and kept telling myself to look for them in Vegas, find out who has them and how I can get them into my hot little hands. I am after all using a pair of White Time Atac's from about 30 years ago. No big deal.

It is only money after all...