151: Stop Motion.

Just watched the new Grizzly Bear Video and thought that you should too. It is a nice song and a fucking amazing video. Found it through Its Nice That. Have you seen that website? You should certainly check it out. Great format.

If you crave more of Allison Schulnik.

This reminds me of a time in Film School when we were required to make stop motion films. I had the Genius (dumb) idea to have a pumpkin carve itself. It was fall, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. In any case I spent about 20+ hours seated in front of my camera, painstakingly - inch by inch carving this intricate face into this pumpkin. Now you have to remember that this was a time before the boom of video...

In any case, I was so goddamned proud of myself for carving this pumpkin, for keeping my cool all through the night and not rushing through it. So when the film finally came back from processing and I found out that none of it actually turned out...I gave up on stop motion.

But I am glad that other people can make it work, because it looks great and I feel like I have some sort of appreciation for the time it takes. I put over twenty hours into my little short that was just under a minute.

It also reminds me of the amazing Filmic talents of Jan Svankmajer. Here is one example it is called Meat Love. Molly, if you are reading this, look away. I would not want this to taint your Vegan race career.