152: Everything Will Be Ok — Part One.

Somehow I always piss a lot of people off when I go back to Boston. But trust me I do not do it on purpose. And god damn if my liver does not hurt. I am sorry buddy, I know that when you suffer we all suffer. Just remember what that wrestling poster in the High School Cafeteria said Pain is Temporary, and Awesome. Bring it. And then, while you are standing there reading it someone on the wrestling team sneaks up behind you and twists your arm until you screech in pain and lie face down on the floor. I think that is how it went anyway.

Here was my little list of travels.

Can I interject, on myself, to ask a question here? Has anyone ever sat next to someone attractive on an airplane? Do attractive people fly? Or are they just transported via sunshine and stripper dust to wherever they need to go? Just a passing thought. Don't read into it too much.

Ok, back to the trip. Get on plane fly to Boston. Land and get picked up by James with a sweet Ridley bicycle perched atop his car. Head directly over and check out Superb Bicycle. Relish in its amazingness. But only for a short time and then go next door and drink as many pints of Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA. However can I just say that the shop is looking great and if you are in the area head over and check this one out. Also pal Meighan is throwing a little art show over there the first week of December, so you may want to check that out too because it looks like these guys are moving AND shaking things up over there.

The other thing that was pretty neat about this night was finding out that Jason Hollingsworth (you may remember him as DJ Mayhem from our party in Vegas) has a hidden talent. Fret not, it is not as weird as it sounds. Just hidden. Besides doing all the ordering for the shop, aside from heading up all the renovations that turned little Boston Bicycle into the hip boutique that you see before you... he also folds a mean Paper Airplane. Yes. Paper Airplane.

In fact if you dig deep enough, into HIStory you might even find a champion of flight. Our little Jason was in fact a state champion Paper Airplane competitor. Longest in flight I think was his event. One could not even make up stuff like this. Too good.

Again, I am not going to lie. I was this close (imagine me holding my thumb and forefinger about an inch apart) to buying that Nari Furi jacket that J was rocking. That thing looks good. A little crazy for my tastes but then again I never claimed to have taste like Jase (I was trying to rhyme just then.)

And that was just the first few hours of the trip... What is left you could be asking yourself?

Well, I will give you a little precursor and then try to maintain my focus for the rest of the week. Or night? Or just the next few hours. We'll see what happens.

On Deck.
-Andrew drinks me under the table at the Middlesex 5 Year Aniversary.
-Meeting with JC from Selectism (he was there drinking too and we didn't know)
-I missed your sweet sweet scents Bloc11
-Tyler, Clint and David Lee from IF are people too. Good people. Great people.
-Kaiko and I drink our combined weight (110lbs collectively) in coffee.
-Realize I forgot my computer charger.
-Drink to forget problems (it is the city, not me)
-Shove Chocolate Truffles in face when realizing that meal was not happening.
-Think about racing Cyclocross, don't.
-Phone in some Tweets.
-Hello Seven Cycles.
-Tosci's has great Egg sandwiches.

And all this while attempting to vacate from an old apartment. Where do the days go?