156: In Your Eye.

So, last week Kyle wrote this nice write up about the Magic Flute on the Embrocation Cycling Journal site. I could tell that the kind folks over at PDW were really stoked about it as well. Want to know how? Because they emailed me to tell me. Then they sprayed me in the face with a can of beer.

mean I get it, that is just kind of how you do things around here (in the cycling industry?). In fact I'm thinking of trying it the next chance I get. Maybe even on Thursday when everyone is gathered around the turkey I'll break it out...

Someone will go "So, thanks everyone for coming, I just wanted to say..." and that is when I strike "Blammo!" can of beer in your face. And then we laugh at the hilarity of the situation.

Lets not gloss over the real issue behind that video though.

What happened after I set my bike down in the mud? Where did the slipping out of my control come from and why? Was it the mud on the ground? It was quite slick and deep there. Maybe it was the mud on my bike? There were certainly a few laps when I had some trouble getting the bike over the barriers as it weighed something close to 50 lbs when the race was through. Either way, thanks for the beer D.

Now is the season for buying. Now is the season for Wanting. Want on this.

Freeman Transport - Fine Leather Goods.

Some nice goods arrived from the folks over at Freeman Transport the other day. Beautiful looking leather goods. While you are over there check out the hot new Blog portion of their site. It includes some of the finest names in the industry. One day you might find something from Oakley, Sidi or even Chris Distefano. The next it could be Rapha, MASH, or Secret Forts. The two that I'm liking recently are James Selman's Armstrong Beloki post and Garrett Chow's secret Wiccan ceremony with his bike.

In any case, helped along by Billykirk (never quite been able to figure these guys out until now) these are some pretty fantastic looking pieces. These double toe straps are the sturdiest looking straps I have ever seen. Giving ol Mr. Christophe a run for his money.

However the Passport Holder is the sexiest of the lot. Maybe my hankering for travel has swayed me in this direction though. I keep thinking back to the winter cross in Belgie and the Spring campaign this year. What is it going to be? Off the beaten path or tried and true? Either way the Passport Holder is going to get me there....

Chris Milliman - The Cover Prints

Keep wanting because I have a few more for you. Chris Milliman prints are looking pretty good this time of year. Word on the street is that he is going to be in this area for the USGP and Nationals (maybe?). Hopefully we will be able to find some crazyness to get into with all the mayhem that is sure to ensue. Check out his most recent blog post to see what happens when he hangs out with Lars Boom. No big deal.

Word on the street was that Boom was taking all this time off to just prep for Worlds. Then he is going to swing back in there like he was not gone at all and snatch that shit up. Or something like that. I will be curious to see how that race pans out this year. But we need to get through Nationals first... Who is it going to be?

More Later. Always, more later.