155: Word of Mouth

I have been alternating between laughing, crying, throwing up and crying when I just watch this video. I started out laughing because I thought it was a joke. Oh, look, there is Brian Bell in a Snuggie. Well, is that not hilarious or what? Then this dark spot grew over my heart when I realized that it was true. Can someone please order this for me? I really want to hear their new album. Seriously, you get a free copy of their album with every purchase. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Just sayin.

Moving on. Way on.

photo by Dan Sharp

Did anyone else think that Sigourney Weaver was hot in Alien? Not just because she was all sweaty (partly though) but because she kind of kicked some Alien ass as well? She is now speaking delicately to me through Planet Earth, Shallow Seas 2007. Very nice what they can do with the HD these days.

Over this a-way I wrote a little bit over here about being able to catch up with the Embrocation Racing Team over in the Boston area. I did not do such a great job as James and Perri were the only two that I got to see race. And of course Colin Murphy. He will be cleaning out his Spooky locker and moving it over to the Embrocation locker-room at the end of the Cross season. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty excited about this.

Not only is he a great guy to hang out and chat with. But he also understands the meaning of the word Embrocation (that is his leg on the left of frame in the above photo). In fact, and this may be a little known fact to Colin himself, but he was the first person to utter this very word to me. I went home that night, I had been trying to figure out a name for this little publication that I was kicking around ideas for... and I said, outloud, to no one in particular, "what was the word that Colin kept using for the stuff that we put on our legs?" And there you have it. True story.

So, I took this picture (see below) for Colin. I figured because he is an Engineer that he could decipher some sort of a meaning from the symbols contained within. I stood and looked at the paint on the grass for some time before giving up on that BS.

The stage was definitely set for a cross race at Plymouth South High School though. Mist falling over the grounds a McCormack brother racing, Matt Budd with his Gentle Giant stairs a-la Arrested Development pretty great day of racing all in all. However, I do have to say that the Gentle Giant truck was not only a great spot of entertainment for the kids, but it also offered me the best view of the start of the race. At first I was not quite sure as to how I was going to see it, what with the throngs pressing in and the sheer number of participants. With the Gentle Giant Challenge Truck there to help me out I was all set.

Off to bed now, where I will force myself into a Lucid Snuggie Weezer dream. Thanks guys for keeping it real. One more question though, does this make all our experiences together in High School not real too?