160: Two Videos and Eddy.

Boom. Just a little boom, but I am guessing that is all you need to blow someones mind. I found this through Mr. Carvalho over at Selectism. Holy Shite. Thank you. Because if you, dearest readers, are anything like me you will be disbelieving the tilt-shift action that is going on here. And I believe in tilt shift. I believe in it so much that I even teamed up with Chris Milliman to make it the cover of Volume 3, and I still do not believe what I am seeing.

Believe it though.

Now I want to experiment with Tilt Shift.

The second one is brought to you by my favorite non-team team in Portland. No, not the Rapha Continental, that is my second favorite favorite non-team team (which automatically makes them first - again). Eddie Merkin is the team that I speak of. They do fun things like shred, and, well, shred. And it makes me happy to know that they have been captured, or captured themselves as it were, on video.

Ok, lets tilt-shift it over to Twitterland for a minute. Did anyone see this tweet that I did (made?) the other day? I went for a ride with CD and Joe Staples. Well, when I showed up CD said that he was having trouble finding some gloves for the slightly frigid temperatures and all he could come up with were these:

Wha? Excuse me? This is all you could come up with? I would say that whatever gloves you have you should put them gently in the dustbin (he he) and then use only these from now on. Do it. I got it in action as well, but I felt kind of creepy because I kept sneaking up on him and trying to snap photos of his gloves. And look how well they match his little Blackburn light there...

I have another photo of this infamous "Yo Eddy!" character as well. I took it in the shop of a one Mr. Christopher Igleheart last year while I slept on his couch during Gloucester. I knew it would come in handy some day. It is not a great photo, but you get the picture. And today is that day.

I really like Yo Eddy. An image that has stuck with me ever since I first saw it. It is like magical cross between Mr. Yuck and a skull and crossbones. But with a mohawk. I remember seeing while working at a shop in Milwaukee and thinking nothing of it, but remembering it. Then, when I first moved to Boston, which could be said is more of a home (Somerville really) to Eddy than Milwaukee. Which is why I saw it on the window of the bike shop in my neighborhood one day.

I was walking around my neighborhood, pretending that I had some business, but really just wanting a glimpse at the Independent Fabrication, Eddy Merckx and even shiny Trek bicycles (there is your hint). When Eddy caught my eye from the front window.

I asked one of the guys at the shop what it meant and he told me that it was the logo of a now-defunt bike company called Fat City. "Oh, yeah, I heard of them" I replied, probably a little too smugly, for this bike shop employee promptly walked away from me. Well, I went back later that night to draw a copy of it (why we do the things we do sometimes escapes me.) Well, the bike shop had just closed for the night, and as I knelt to draw my little drawing the employees of the shop came around from behind the shop (shit, I thought they would be gone by now). Luckily I was quick enough to disguise the fact that I had a pad of paper and was actually attempting to draw Eddy on it. But not quick enough (or maybe too quick) to not look suspicious. Which made them circle the block and embarrass the shit out of me twice.

Well, I am telling you now Craig Gaulzetti, as I have never told anyone this before. I was not trying to do anything devious to your precious International Bicycle Shop that day, I was merely admiring my pal Eddy.

And shall continue to do so in the open from now on.