161: A Few Things. Like a guessing game.

A. Go check out this show over at Superb tonight. Should be good. I am thinking that if Meighan has anything to do with it, and she does, then it is going to be awesome. And while you are there, take some snaps for me so that I feel like I was there too. If you would.

B. While you are roaming the interwebs, head over to Inventory and check out their Updates. You can see old pals Cole and Dave while they are traveling the world with new pal Shea. I can feel the ol bug of travel creeping up my spine as I sit here typing.

C. Keep an eye on the new Rouleur site as well. I wrote a piece for Guy Andrews that made it into their most recent issue. #15 I think it is. Dan Sharp is over there at the moment for the release of their photo annual in which a selection of his Giro photos made it. I am curious to see how that went down. Can't wait to see the new issue and the photo annual.

D. The find folks over at NYC Velo have been more than a little busy. They got together with Nau recently to help them put together their windown display for the opening of their Manhattan shop. What originally started as a "christmas tree made from bike parts" ended up looking like this. I love when a plan comes together. You can read all about it here.

Alright, that is about all I have for you. But I must say that tomorrow (Friday) is going to be a big day. We are doing our usual Friday morning ride but with a little Celebrity offering this time around. Tomorrow we will be joined by... should I make you guess?

I will give you two hints and they are both former teams that he rode for. The first winner in the comments section gets a...hmm how should we do this? A prize package put together by me containing something from the above post plus some Richard Sachs — Cross Fucking Rules Stickers...

Both Hints are Teams that he used to Race for:

1) CCB
2) Saturn Cycling


Remember, comments section.