178: The Year in Review: Arts and Literature

(part one - Arts)

Went for a run today. This action is a little bit like going for a ride, excepting the fact that it hurts a lot more. It is amazing when you do not do something for a long time how it takes a minute to get back in the swing of things. I do not recommend it. So much for a century today. Ps - I moved away from snowy weather for a reason, to be away from it.

BEST GALLERY (Large Scale)
Saatchi Gallery - London

People know that when I say "Best Gallery" what I mean is "Best Gallery That I Visited" right? When I was in London last January the exhibit The Revolution Continues: New Chinese Art was in full effect. Cool things about the Saatchi Gallery: 1) you can take all the photos that you like 2) while they definitely discourage touching of the art works, there are no barriers between viewer and art. The exhibit featured Contemporary Chinese Artists in sculpture, print and even a city sculpture made from dog chew toys. The other crazy thing about the Saatchi gallery that day? My pal Janice Checcio happened to be there. No biggie, just happen to be across the Atlantic hanging out at a gallery...

I took this photo before I knew that it was Janice too. I just thought this exhibit titled Chinese Offspring - by Zhang Dali looked crazy with all these sculptures hanging upside down at the mezzanine level. And then I was standing next to her going... "no fucking way." Good times.

My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses.

My Love for You is a Stampede of Horses.

You have heard me talk about Meighan and her blog before. If you have not checked it out, now would be a good time. Lets get down to brass tacks here, she is doing some really cool shit. Putting on art shows in Superb Bicycle as well as the raddest sneaker den in Boston - Bodega, she also writes over at Juxtapoz* and curated her own little show over at the Fourth Wall Gallery. *You hear that Lance? - Juxtapox Magazine...

And we are on the move...

Nice Fucking Graphics!

Carey SH has turned me on to a great number of sweet blogs this past year as well. Before we actually worked in the same office together she would send me weekly updates of cool things to look at. Now she casually mentions them over the top of her Gigantic computer monitor.



BEST GALLERY (Smaller Scale)
Ampersand Vintage

Located on Portland's presteeegous Alberta Street this quaint little bookstore, vintage photo spot and art gallery is hands down the best spot to pick up cool stuff. Each last Thursday of the month, when all the hippies come out on Alberta and try to push their fried dough on you Myles opens his shop to another artist to display their wares. The great thing about this shop, however is its accessibility. You can find pure gems of every price range in the shop whether it be an art book, print, or old typographers manual.

Ah, the fresh smell of paper.

Stay tuned for Part Two: Literature later today. First I have to go on a bicycle ride with Ira. Which I am sure is going to feel like hell personified. Which is partly why I am doing it right?