179: The Year in Review: Science and Nature.


You thought I was done, didn't you?

Part One - Science

Bikes are science right? I mean combined with gravity what are they? Just two wheeled science. So to speak. You may have noticed that I worked out a little bit of a style with the some reviews of Adam, Mo, Molly, and Tim's cyclocross bikes. I kept trying to do this shot, but every time I would try to jump back and snap the photo, I would drop the bike and it was pissing people off.

So, I guess that just leaves mine.

Embrocation Cycling Journal
Ridley X-Fire

There was still a bit of Grit on it when I took these. Maybe some Krugers farm mud? Cannot be certain, it all looks the same to me. A couple bottom brackets later and I guess I really did get some of the mud that I was lusting for early in the season.

I do not really know what to say about these bikes. I do not have too much experience on the ol plastico when it comes to Cross racing. But I do like it now. The previous years on the Igleheart had maybe softened (hardened?) me to the ways of the custom builder.

But I had so much damn fun on this bike not to mention it. That is the point of all this anyway right? To have fun on bikes. Bike fun.

I hate to really gush over these bikes (at least my own- even though it does kind of kick a little ass) but it sure does make me proud to be able to look through all these photos and see some other people having fun too.

I met Eric Goodson for the first time out in Bend, OR. See, he races for Embrocation, but joined after I had left the East Coast. Immediately upon meeting him I knew that what I, and now James, have put together in the way of a Racing Team is doing something right. Know why? Because he was a really nice guy. We spoke of racing and riding the Ridley bikes, but mostly we talked about the fact that he got to come across the country and hang out with his brother for Nationals.

Ok, whew. Getting a little verklempt there. Lets move on to prevent the tears from flowing. Actually, I take that back. If you are in the moment go for it. And then try, I implore you, try to not let loose with this viewership polarizing video that Stevil posted up the other day: All Hail the Black Market. Do not watch that if you are at work, unless you do not mind crying in front of your co-workers.

Now that you fully have that out of your system.

Yokozuna Reaction

It only took me a year to get what I was asking for, but let me tell you it was worth it. These are so good that they do not even warrant a changing every weekend during cross. Seriously. I think that I used one set for two, or even three races. You think I'm joking, but that is ok too. Get some. And they look like something off of the Alien movie set. (Scott and Jeunet more than Cameron and Fincher).

Time ATAC Alium

Would that make them best of the Century? Kidding. They might not actually be ten years old. But they might still be awesome. Ok, they are. Everyone seems to be going the way of the XTR, or maybe that is the way that they have been going all along, but that is the way that pedal sponsorship works in the pro's right? No matter what or who you are sponsored by shoes and pedals are the riders choice right? (I might have just made that up.)

I have been using the Time action for going on five years now. At first it was some Ritchey SPD's. I thought they were bad ass because they said Ritchey on them. And then I rode them in some mud. Not such a good idea. One of my fellow riders on the Harris Team (could have been Pete Rubi - probably was Dave Rose - could have been Jim W) mentioned that these were the best pedals for the mud. Have not looked back since.

Tufo Cubus

These were the only tires (or tyres if you prefer) that I used all year. Maybe it was because they are so damn awesome. But maybe it was because they were affordable and stood up to the test of time. In every condition I had no complaints. And while I do like a nice soft Dugast to keep me warm on the weekends these tyres really did the trick. For the last couple of years it has been the Tufo Flexus, but this year it was time to change it up (because everyone seemed to be sold out.)

Moving on...
Part Two - Nature

Hmm. What to do for the nature end of things. People always tell me that the best way to get more viewers is (not what you think) to put cute things on the website. "What?" is usually my response to that. However, when I put up this video of our good friend Champer Dampers I got a good response. When I tweet cute pictures of cats and dogs, again, people respond.

"So Your Cat Wants a Massage?"
Found via: Everything is Terrible

But we all know that Nature is so much more than that. So much more than the domesticated cats and dogs that we all love. And I do love me some cats. For real. LOL Catz not so much. Iggy and Axel? So much. Those are some cats that I can get into. Here are some other shots of Nature that I took throughout the year. Nature Nurture.












Onward and upward I say. Here is to nature. Shit all this travel (via photo searching) has made me thirsty.