180: The Year in Review: Sports and Leisure


I know, I know, we have moved on into the new year, but I am determined to finish what I started here.

Went for another run last night. It is kind of strange actually. I found myself looking for things to shove in my pockets. You forget just how light you can travel when on foot. A goo packet, maybe a spare tube, at the very least an allen wrench? None of these things are necessary to head out for a run. My question though is this: Do running shoes all look space-age these days? My adidas "jogging" look the part with in terms of their 70's throw back, but my body is going to kill me in about one more run in them. The soles are completely worn down...

Right. So, lets combine Sport and Leisure.

That is what this bicycle stuff is anyway? I mean, I'm looking around right now and I don't see any professional cyclists. Try as I might to improve I'm going to stay CAT34EVS (you can have that for your vanity plate). A lesson that I was taught be an elder statesmen of the CAT6 variety. He turned CAT2 the next summer. But, alas we are here to talk about the cycling lifestyle or, as Pete Rubijono, a teammate that I have had some great fortune to call friend, calls "The Athletic Community."

The interesting thing that he could do with this little phrase is to keep everyone on the same level. If someone came over to complain that Cary was blasting "What is Love?" - yes, the one by Haddaway, too loud out of the back of his car Pete would stop them with a quick gesture and say.. "Whoa, whoa whoa, take it easy we're all part of the Athletic Community here." And somehow that was enough... or the song switched to the Motorhead Covers Metallica (thereby making it good) CD and their complaints were drowned out anyway.

So, with that lets see what we have here.

I guess that would make it the best of Amateur Night no? And I will leave the Embro team out of it. Which I kind of didn't by just mentioning them.

Ritte Van Vlaanderen

photo by Jay Yoshizumi

They win in both the Sporting sense, and the Leisure.

I have to say, maybe the time has come for a new light blue and Belgian squad? Or at least "You've met your match?" Or maybe "There can be only one?" Any way you slice it these guys are ace. Their graphic design is spot on as well as their "colourways." And just the simple fact that they got together to shoot the above photo already puts them a cut about the rest. I will expect to see more of these guys. Read this interview by Stevil: The Day the Earth Stood Still.


Mission Cycling: These guys just look like they're having a lot of fun. Coffee. Food. And they won bonus points in my book for contributing something to ever-growing The Ride Journal. I picked up a copy off their website a couple weeks ago, but it looks as though they might be sold out. Anyway they have a great piece in there. Plus, bonus points for having someone that I went to high-school with on their team. - Z - lets talk some shit, there isn't anyone else from Wisco reading this (besides you Jedd,) right?

Wooly Mammoth: When in Austin I got to meet a couple of these cats. Great guys and never without a beer in there hands. Which warms my heart. Great looking kits as well. "Romancer." So good. But, you know, that being said...

Geekhouse Racing Team

photo (Geekhouse Flickr)

And then there is the matter of...

You Choose.

You could argue a number of ways for a great many cyclists. Contador this, Armstrong that World Champion Australian this, and amazing Sprinter that. I mean who doesn't like to think about break-away Heinrich Hausler stomping away on the pedals? Or Boom when he took those sprint points at the Vuelta? But really, what about the working man? Also, although Cross is just past it seems like I am already thinking about the Road more and more these days.

Jeremy Hunt: Cervelo Test Team

There is a pretty great Profile of Jeremy Hunt in the newest Rouleur Magazine. No joke. I am not the biggest fan of Michael Barry usually, but he nails it on this one. Maybe it was because he was trying his hardest to compare himself to Hunt that he did such a great job? Maybe it is just because Hunt is a hands down baddass? Two time Brit National Champ - yeah, no big deal, now you nead to lead Sastre to be protected up through the hills - sure, why not? And let little Heinrich have some fun too, before you smash his frosted tips. Besides from the sounds of it he was "bored waiting for the sprint" anyway.

Image (RideStrong)

Julian Dean: Garmin-Slipstream

Sure, maybe some early season bumps and bruises left him out of most of the competition but this guy might also be one of those resident badass' (maybe becuase he and Hunt were on CA together?) This was Thor's leadout train and I'm guessing now preforms the same operative for Tyler Ferrar (or should be?). Also, just the simple fact that he was le grimpeur's "grimpeur of the year" makes him a-ok in my book. Read that post for a better year in review than I could ever hope for - chapeau.

Tim Johnson - Cannondale/CXWorld - United Healthcare

The photo above is from this past year at the Tour of California. Now, we know that that Tim Johnson is a pretty great Cyclocross Racer as he is our Current US National Champion. And we know that he is a pretty awesome road racer too as he has raced for the likes of more than one good team. Well, we also know that he is a great guy and has a good sense of humor (he wants to remake Rad) and these things will win out with me every time. Especially the Rad.

For real. I could go on and on with this one. All day.

Zdenek Stybar

Marrianne Vos


Now all I need are some Pajamas or Softpants, as I have heard them called, and my Leisure duties would be closer to complete. Ok, maybe throw in some slippers, and did I mention I am thinking of taking up Pipe Smoking? That would be Leisurely right? Molly Cameron and I discussed this past weekend and she thinks it might help my cycling.

Editors Note

Remember in the History post when we took a look at what Stephanie from Belgium had to offer? No relation to Mario de by the way. In any case, a nice viewer happened to chime in on that post to offer some live footage insight into the often times brilliant Stephanie Clerckx. What I am trying to say here is that there is video to go along with this. Yes, I linked it twice. This could be big news in the cycling world. A live girl in a cycling kit. But I have been wrong before (about girls in BE.)