196: PBS - Lazer Helmets - JC

Just because everyone is out in Richmond, does not mean that things are not happening on the homefront. Ever wondered what Portland Bicycle Studio was all about? How about wanting to have Molly Cameron autograph the latest copy of CX Magazine? All of this can be yours and more next Monday night. And I am really hoping to get a one on one demo of the new winter helmet cover by Lazer. That thing looks sah-weet. I think.

There will also be some Ridley bikes on hand. Including, I'm told my Embrocation Racing Ridley X-Fire (however you want to say that is fine.) Take a look here if you are wondering what I am talking about.

Went riding with Molly last weekend and captured a few photos of this wild beast out of her normal PBS kit, but rest assured, it is still her. Josh Creem is responsible for the CycloSportif kit, but unfortunately the Waffle Coming out of the pocket (my favorite) is no longer available. Only the classy Belgian inspired one. If you have not seen Josh before, or smelled his delicious waffles wafting over the cross courses around the NW keep an eye out for him this summer. He is also a pretty damn good spinter and what one might call a "crit monster." And then, as soon as the weather starts to bite again he will be back behind the waffle maker.

Now, I know that what you were expecting today was the start of some NAHBS coverage and that is all well and good. But you will have to wait until tomorrow when I go under cover to get some of the set up of all the glorious booths. Now sleep.