202: Time only Tells.

So, I had to speed this up so that we could get through it. And while I was putting some music to it I realized that, not only did it sound funny in a chipmunks sort of way, but that Molly is talking some hilarious shit about everyone. In any case, it will give you a chance to check out the new issue. And it just sounds funny. The other thing that I like is the pertinent Boom content. Yeah, go go, cannonball run style, take it all...and then when you're not on top...get all sensitive about it. Obviously, we know what he is thinking. Classics. Boom, you're killing it, just keep it upright and somehow I think that you will be fine. (and keep taking twitpics when you hold every jersey in the race, that makes me think you really are a badass.)

Hung out with Dave Roth last night. And I put it to him, I said, "Rothie, what the fuck? Are people reading any of this? Are the NAHBS that interesting or am I playing it out too much." He just stared at me for a while and then he said this:

"I think that people want to hear what happened behind the scenes."

No, I know that he is asking me for gossip, but that got me to thinking. This is something that I say every year so much that I always think people are going to get sick of hearing it. The thing I love the most is when people get together and talk about their experiences in this industry — that they basically invented. I say that a little tongue in cheek, but seriously, the history behind all this is not so removed that it is long gone...

These are the moments from the show. When you remember people from the year before, or people open up and tell you a few little moments from their lives that brought them to the NAHBS. That is when things start to become fun.

-Carey threw up her fish and chips all over the restaurant. We were pretty non-plussed about the whole scenario. I mean it looked hilarious, but really, no harm no foul. There was not that many people in this back area. But the people next to us...well, they were mortified by the situation. And I guess rightfully so. But either way, it happened, so we just kind of dealt with it. Plus, Matt and Nate are two of the funniest people there, so it makes sense that people were literally laughing their food right out of their stomachs. Nate also recently wrote a pretty awesome account on the whole weekend: Nate on NAHBS

- and then Nate stuck the spoon in his nose. But, I think, if I am remembering correctly Mr. Curtis Inglis actually got some video of this strange occurrence. We shall see. He did however have a great booth. Whenever I heard people ask about it he said "its just string. I brought string along." Honesty is the best policy. But his bikes look pretty amazing as well. And he always (Handmade Not in Portland??) has the best t-shirts. I really like the saw, and you know it is a good shirt because I saw a lot of people wearing it around the show (the true test, passed.)

-Clint, Tall Erik and I walked around one night. We could not find anywhere to eat. The show had just let out and every bike geek for miles around had taken up residence in every open seat at every open restaurant for miles around. We followed four tall beautiful black women into the convention center. For some reason they just looked like they knew either a) where they were going, or b) something cool going on. When they turned the corner into the Magic: the Gathering Convention boy were they in for a surprise. They actually made faces and reacted in a way that made me think that they were physically repelled by what they happened upon in that moment.

-Then we played some darts with B. Strickland (the other B.) Tony Pereira beat my pants off. That is how that phrase goes right? Beat my pants off. It just sounds weird when it is you saying it instead of my uncle Tim. He is the manager of a grocery store and has a lot of catch phrases. ("You dropped your pocket," is one his favorites) Tony (I bet Tim is too) is good at darts though. Does not really surprise me though. He is probably one of these guys that is pretty good at whatever he does. Check out his photo of Joe Bell though. I promised I wouldn't put up photos of the guy but damn if he is not straight up amazing. Glad to have met you JB.

I am glad that there are people out there that want to keep this madness going.