203: Volume 5 Party - Celebration Funtimes.

---- 2916 NE Alberta Street, Suite B----
Saturday, March 20th
6 to 10PM
Raffle and Prizes.

Also mention, free beer & wine.

Pretty excited about this one. There have been a ton of people from the Portland area (and elsewhere too - DE, IL, MA, CA) that helped to make this issue possible, so I thought it might be a good time to pay tribute to them. Or at least the ones in the immediate area by buying everyone beer. That is ok right?

Raffle and Prizes:
This should be a good one. There will be raffle tickets available to everyone who purchases a copy of Embrocation from the shop. As well as raffle tickets give out to anyone who purchases anything at Ampersand (as long as it is over the price of an Embrocation). And then raffle tickets given out to anyone that can otherwise convince me that you should get some raffle tickets. I will tell you a little more about the prizes this week but I know that one of them will be a bottle of my favorite Whiskey. Plus I am hoping that I can just roam around my neighborhood and come up with some other cool prizes (a live chicken?).

I do know that one of the prizes is going to be pretty badass. Badass in a badass kind of way. I got one of the SSCXWC bikes to test out for a bit this past Cross Season and I thought that you should have it. Plus, Shimano chipped in with some really great Ultegra and PRO parts to help kit it out. Kyle Vonhoetzendorff did the interview with Matt and Dani and he and I have come up with a foolproof way of determining a clear winner for this bicycle. More on that later, but I will tell you that Kyle and I are going to be the judges on this one so start the wheels turning on how to solicite our attentions/votes.

Mark your calendar. It is going to be good.

Matthew Karre (who works at River City Bicycles) wrote this piece about James Selman. Both of these guys live in town here, so hopefully we can get them to come out and sign autographs. I bet that Matt and James would be autograph signing whirlwinds. To say the least.

Ira Ryan and Tony Periera's shops are featured in a little section titled Workshop. Dan Sharp shot the photos and there are a few essays included in this one by not only Ira and Tony, but also The Mix chef and writer Matthew Card. He does some writing about food here and there. The last little one that we did together was the Pasta selection over this way. In this one however he talks about knives. Fancy knives.

In any case. Keep an eye out here for the remainder of the week. I will give you a closer look into that of Ampersand which will hopefully reinforce your desire to check it out. Or make you really, really jealous that you will be unable to attend this coming weekend...

Also, there is something going on just down the street if you get bored here (you won't) it will involve the Veloforma/Corsa Concepts racing squad and a whole bunch of Carbon. Bikes, blades, boards, I am not even sure where the carbon begins and ends these days... (which makes me excited.)