204: Spring is in the Air.

Is it possible to get too excited that Classics Season (something other folks like to call Springtime) is finally upon us? What is it that makes me want to pour over old photos and video looking for answers? Can VDB pull it off? The above piece was written by the esteemed (and nominee for Delaware Cycling Hall of Fame) writer Fat Marc Vanderbacon. Yes, and yes please.

Thanks Radio Freddy for giving us this brief — hands draped over the bars — lesson in Style.

But who can we speak to as this years equivalent? A punchy, flashy replacement for our recently downed hero? The younger Schleck? He needs a little bit of class yet...has too much of that scrubbed clean feel to him? Do you know what I am talking about here, or am I making this up?

Does anyone really care you are asking yourself? R. Freddy cares. I care. Which is also why there may be a reciept for some white overshoes and matching gloves sitting right next to me. (no I did not audition to play mickey mouse at a talent show.) Ok, sorry about this little tangent, I can hash these things out for myself up Otto Miller this Wednesday (12:30).

I know what is on everyone's mind these days: How can I get Tony Periera's autograph? I have a few ideas, but the one that I keep coming back to is to head over to Ampersand this coming Saturday and ask him yourself. And I will tell you this much, lets hush our voices for a minute lest someone overhear us. Ira was signing them at the NAHBS. You be the judge on this one.

Speaking of which. There are a lot of Portland representatives that made it into Volume 5. Tori Bortman runs Gracies Wrench out of the Vanilla Workshop these days and wrote a lovely piece about the building of some Edge Tubular wheels. Wheels that you could use for cross, but that you could also use for the Road if you so desired. Super Sexy Dan Sharp photos as well.

I on the other hand am going to be the judge on this one (I know, already too much italics). What if I said that you needed to WRITE to get me to hand over this SSCXWC bike?
It has Ultegra Tubeless Wheels on it. Twitter says so.

So, Myles, Kyle and I have officially talked about it, so I think that we can move forward with this manner. Submissions are now officially open for a the piece that will WIN this bike. The bike featured in the SSCXWC piece mentioned yesterday. I know you have yet to actually see the bike, but let me tell you - its awesome.

Now the question becomes this...What Do I Submit? And I can go ahead and walk you through it if you like, but that would probably defeat the purpose. What I can do is go ahead and give you a few of the early nommination ideas. Think outside the box here people, this is for you.

1. Photo Submission
Molly Cameron went ahead and nominated her mechanic Jake to do a piece (with photos) about what it is like to be a mechanic for her. I like his forrest photos, the ones of his van, and of course the Cyclocross Ones.

2. Sheer Stoke
Both Kyle (who is another judge, mind you and my main ideas man here) and Cory said something to the effect of "I would shred your face off for this bike."But we were listening to heavy metal and drinking heavily, so I am not entirely sure if that is how it actually went down.

3. Written Submission
Maybe you want to sit down and pen a memoir about how Cyclocross has changed your life? That is cool. I would be totally into that. As long as you can do it in less words than you think Hemmingway could, and get punched in the face twice while working on it. Then do that one. But, in all honesty. I do love me some written words.

4. Self Submission (easy tiger)
Molly nomminated herself as well. Not really sure how that is going to work out, but she said it would "be all about her." I guess the point here is if you can come to me and say "this is me, and this is why you should do a story about me AND give me an effing bike AND I am convinced by this (no physical violence please.) Then we will go with this one.

5. Visual Submission
Are you into the design arts? Maybe a Printmaker or Letterpress Agent (don't think that they are actually called that) and you think you have what it takes to help out with doing the Interstitials (Reflections, Distractions, Features) of the publication. That would be a pretty awesome barter.

So, there you go. A few ideas to get you moving. I am really open to anything at this point. The point of it is that I am hoping to print it in an upcoming volume of Embrocation Cycling Journal...so there is that as well.