209: A Few Things on Friday.

Fat Marc, you are amazing. I like it when people have good things to say in the comments section. Other than that, not really too much of an idea as to what goes on in the minds of readers. If you are out there.

But yes, there was some pretty sweet times happening in the MAC races. 2008 USGP in Trenton New Jersey was pretty awesome. I had about 10 more psi that was necessary for the slipperiest muddiest course known to man. And instead of doing the proper thing that I knew I needed to do, which was pull over and let air out of my tire. I just kept plodding along trying to make up for it on the long straight stretches. And you were right (it was Pete Rubi) but he did say, matter of factly, "guys, this is not working." At least we had the wherewithall to laugh about it. A lot.

Ok, what else? Couple of sweet little nuggets of truth out there for you.

A Few Things...

1) Where can I get a custom toothbrush made? I wish I was joking, but I am not. I liked the Retrotech one very much. But I saw this one yesterday, and I am really liking it. Plus the flyer promoting it is even more awesome. Draplin Design Company is based here in Portland, OR. And they do some pretty cool stuff, take a look (nay, get lost) in the site. Also, do all of the worlds greatest Cobra Dogs branding and design. Get a shirt.

2) Speedvagen/Rapha/Hemi
There has been a new partnership abreast. That between Rapha, Speedvagen and Hemi. It looks a little something like the below photo. Basically it means going really fast and looking really sweet when you are doing it. I cannot, will not take credit for this one either. This one was brought to you today by Mr. Joe Staples. And if you are wondering who that character might be? Well, someone emailed me today and asked where they could learn more about applying Embrocation. Look no futher my friend.

In all seriousness though you should take a moment to peruse through the newly formed Speedbloggen. Sacha and company are churning out the hits at the moment and most specifically there has been a lot of buzz and speculation surrounding the Rapha/Speedvagen Cyclocross Team. Sacha addresses some of that here, but so far all we have is some really sweet looking kits and bikes. And trust me when I say that if I knew more, you would be the first to know...

3) Good Habits Clean Living - the second printing of the Major Taylor pamphlet by Chris Piasick is pretty damn sick looking. I kind of dig these two blues together. Maybe it is because I have so man fond memories of racing against a dominating cycling team with the same colors, but maybe it is just becuase I love these colors together. I also like that he is using Repeat Press to make stuf for him. I was fortunat enough to get in and see that place. Very cool and some very old letterpress machinery that is a little mindblowing.

4) Vans Supercorsa Italia Edition.
Well, I guess I need to get some new Vans. I mean, I wear them all the time anyway. They help me do sweet tricks on my longboard. Not really, but I do think that they are pretty awesome and Spring is almost here. I found this through Trackosaurus, again. Cause he's dope. Also digging the fact that they attempt to pay tribute to the jerseys of the Giro. White - Youngest, Green - KOM, Pink - Leader, Cyan - Sprints, and Black - for the last place finisher. All signs point them being availible in July (two months after the Giro.)

Ok, that is all.