210: This Weekend Past


A woman at Heart Roasters the other morning told Joe that of all the cycling clothing in that room (and there was more than a bit) the one with the coffee on it was the best. Which is always nice to hear. Because Coffee is the best. If you are looking to get some of your own, it looks as though the only ones left are the long sleeve jerseys and the leg warmers...

Word on the street is that we are in for another two weeks of rain. This past week/weekend was pretty awesome for riding and ride we did. I think that this is the most amount of riding that I have ever done in the month of March. We rode a couple times with Cindy, not only is she one of the cyclists featured in the new Rapha Women's Line, but she's also a pretty badass rider. And I say "badass rider" because she also rides motorcycles (with photographers on the back, and through Europe) and possibly a Rally Car or two.

Then there was J. Curtes (check out his photos from the Snowboarding world) out and about with his Speedvagen. Have not seen it since the gentleman's race and yes, I think that maybe I did miss the Gold Foil Decals on his hoops. There was some comment on whether or not these 68's were road appropriate. Maybe because they were so loud that everyone got jealous and started looking for a way to get them out of there. Carbon clinchers. Just saying.

Dan Sharp and I both almost fell off our bikes trying to get the closest look possible of the EDGE decals. They look really smart with the whole setup of the Vagen. And when jealousy calls she calls loud and hard. Damn Sirens. It is the time of year for new gear. There will be no denying that. When the sun peaks out just a little bit then the new booties (guilty) socks, kneewarmers appear as if it was christmas morning. How much of a social boner would it be to not be rocking new gear each spring? Sheesh.

Ever notice that there is a certain gait that cyclists adapt off the bike? The appearance is one of a sort of ambulation that one might associate with a cowboy or at the very least a motorcycle tourist. Someone who has been seated most of their life. It looks almost painful but at the same time instantly conveys (to those of us in the know, wink and a nod) that this individual spends more time pedaling a bicycle than actually walking.

I might have stolen that last paragraph out of Bill Strickland's book on big L's comeback. His descriptions of cyclists are so spot on in that they make you look at other riders, at yourself, to attempt to decipher this code that is cycling. Pretty soon I will be ambling along the side streets of Portland attempting to look more 'cowboy.'

Which I would guess in this town might help me to fit in?

Sneak Attack with Ira Ryan.

After Black Hammer (more later)

There was other sorts of riding that happened this weekend as well. Jam packed was this one. The second one you can easily reproduce in the comfort of your home or backyard. It is really easy to do. Or at least the version that I came away with.


1. Wrap a dark colored bandanna around your eyes insuring that you cannot see for shit.

2. Run/Ride as fast as you can towards the nearest undergrowth or brush. You will fall.

3. This is where you would think "repeat" would be in order. But it is not. When you crash, which you inevitably will do. Just keep down real low to the ground. And while you are down there, bang your head on the ground a few times, and then just for kicks get your friends to run over you with their bikes. It will be great I promise.

In all honesty. The After Black Hammer went off without a hitch once again. And when the x-rays come back and we hear that nothing has been broken, then we will know the truth. But until then I will leave you with a motorcycle from the shop of James Crowe. Who Shreds. More on that later.