212: Ride Studio Cafe.

Has anyone been in to see this Ride Studio Cafe? What can you tell me about this place? I saw some "leaked" photos from their opening this past weekend. Marty - I know you were there, (and this is where I pull you aside) How was it? Seriously, this is the concept that we have all talked about, the perfect combination of nice bikes and...say it... coffee. I know that there is one such cafe somewhere in Florida, but have never been there.

Alex Whitmore of Taza Chocolate told me about it a couple years ago. But, then my mother met the owners mother in Arkansas some where. That is where the story gets a little muddled, as I cannot remember the name, and we should not dwell too much on these details. Juan Pelota, that is another one of these such things.

I have been to that one and I will tell it to you straight. The combination of shopping and coffee is deadly to say the least. How apt was I to sit down and peruse every pair of Sidi's that were in stock merely because the coffee was hot and fresh and good? Very. Cannot wait to go back to Austin and cannot wait to check out The Ride Cafe.

Which, if you are not up to your neck in runoff you should head over and check out tomorrow night. Seven is donating a whole frigging bike. Which is pretty awesome. I did get to see Mo's bike earlier this year when she was out here for Nationals. I saw it a few times, but the only time that I got to sit down with it was actually the day of the race. You can find that here if you are interested.

There will also be some Embrocation action in the midst. Mo's part time husband and full time mechanic, (or is it the other way around?) Matt Roy wrote a nice little essay for Embrocation Volume5 this time around. "The MM Racing Service Course is an ever changing fusion of ideas, observations and tricks that I've picked up along the way." How can you argue with that logic?

And speaking of bicycles. Steve Francisco send over a few photos of his Ridley all built. Shit, that is a good looking bike, but you know what would make that bike look really good? Well besides Steve that is? Embrocation Decals.

You know, give it a few bits of Flare, not that it needs it. But the Lion of Flanders seems pretty fitting (for when Kim Kirchen wins this weekend that is.) My money is on either Cancellara or Kirchen. The Big One because I think that for some reason the Swiss rider just wants to win this race, and that is enough for me. And that little chain episode from last year better not happen again...because then he will be really pissed. And Kirchen? Just because I want him to win....that is all.

In Other News:
Not to worry if you cannot make it out to tomorrow night. I cannot because I do not live anywhere near the BoLex (that's Boston/Lexington) area. Though fear not, because if you can't make it, there are other options. One of those options would be to stay in and watch a movie. Oh, what is that? You want a suggestion?

I think that Birdedemic should do the trick for you. The whole catalog at Severin Films is at least worth a perusal.