211: Man's Last Stand, Again.

You all have seen Joe Staples before right? So, when I mention that he is a part of the team, or talk about how great he is you are not going to be surprised correct? When it comes to Embro West (you have to cross your two middle fingers in the middle when you make the W) Abby, Ryan and Dan are pretty fucking fan-tas-tic, but we need to do these by baby steps for a couple of reasons.

1. Because he is not featured on the Team section of the website (which his lovely wife publicly shamed me for) but then again no one on the Embro West side of things is up there. Which I would think should maybe be taken into account"? And why is that you might ask yourself? Well, that is because - collectively (on the West Coast) we like to "run and gun" as they say. Fly a little "under the radar" if you will.

2. If I were to start to opine on just how awesome all these Cats are, well, then you, dear reader would be here for daaays. Because they are that awesome. But we'll get to that, fear not. There is time for everything.

But I figure, I can talk, and you guys know what I'm talking about. Just let me know if you need filling in, because I can do that as well.

But the reason that Joe is at the forefront of my mind is also two fold. The first because new team bikes have been trickling in. And by trickling I mean that they are here. And two because I saw his (and his lovely wife's) handiwork on the big screen last night. And it kind of blew my mind.

I did not dare take Joe's Helium out of its neatly bound package mainly because I felt it rude to fondle another mans frame that way. But also because the seatmast protruded in this way that made me blush a little bit and just felt wrong to delve into. But I did manage to take a few snaps before he came to whisk it away.

Chances are, if I were a betting man, I would say that an Embrocation Decal set would follow closely behind something like this. "Team it up a bit." Just saying.

Alright, so you saw his bike. Now see this. Or, maybe you actually you have seen it already? This played during the most recent Superbowl. But actually, it is a big deal, because a lot of people watch that game. And to be "in the know" you have to at the very least know that it exists.

And if you were to quiz me on Superbowl knowledge I would more than likely defer to big names such as Brett Favre or Tom Brady (the only two quarterbacks I have known in my adult life - and I by known I mean "aware of.") Them and maybe Joe Montana. But I would not have actually known much about the Superbowl. Which brings us up to date and at the movie theater last night...

Hot Tub Time Machine. (see it, see it, see it, seriously fucking see it, it's hilarious)

So, Kyle, Molly and I are sitting in the movie theater last night (see above) and Man's Last Stand (see below) comes on. Kyle and I decided we like the last guy the best. He is definitely the weirdest. But in this theater. The one where we are about to watch Hot Tub Time Machine (we'll get to that later), this is the largest theater I have been in recently. Maybe ever. And this is what we see, but picture it on the hugest screen ever...

Well, Joe wrote that. He and Jimm pulled the whole thing off with his wife Jessica and Mark Romaneck. Yeah. Same one. Remember when you saw the Weezer El Scorcho? Yes, same Romaneck. He has one of those Director Series guys. No big deal if it was the second version. All that matters is that he's awesome. And the movie One Hour Photo has Robin Williams in it, who was also in Ferngully. See, brought it back around.

But the point of all this is... at the end of the ad, the car drives straight at the camera and then, in a feat that could only be pulled off in a theater of this magnitude, drives straight over the crowd. "Damn, check that out, how do they do that?" is what was uttered, I don't know by whom. "Well, they smash the shit out of a really expensive camera" was my reply. "I know this because I have seen it."

You be the judge. And then, the next time that you see this trick used in movies or tv shows, know that this is what it takes to get this shot. It is not just another small camera with a wide angle lens. This is the real deal. Smashing shit. Kicking ass and taking names later. Right?