073: Endless Summer — Rapha Continental

So it is the morning of Day Three, or Four? I can't really remember because they all start to blend together. Even that quickly. Plus I realized today that I labeled the folders in my computer wrong so now I think its day four and really it is something like 6 or 7.

Not a big deal.

Anyway, it is day something-or-other and I find myself at the helm of the beautiful Rapha van. Bull-horns and all. This offers me a few very unique perspectives that I hadn't considered while being involved with these rides. Mainly, what it is like to be "Behind the Scenes of a Rapha Continental Ride." And secondarily, Carey, you're a saint.

The Perspectives that I dealt with that day have been broken down into three categories with the types of photos associated with them after:

1) The Challenges that are associated with being the driver. You know, things like, actually navigating the roads, dealing with rider support and making sure that everything goes off according to plan.

-Doorshots: Or, simply, shots taken through the doors and windows of the vans, lots of rear view mirrors and video from the helm.

Who from Healthnet/Ouch lives near Asheville, NC?

2) I got to see the behind the scenes that takes place with a photographer. In this case the creator of the event one Daniel Wakefield-Pasley...

-DWPshots: These would be shots of the Daniel shooting other things. I'm sure that photographers love this style. Hey, check out the photographer checking things out.In any case, they look like this.

3) Not sure if you're aware of this, but I like to shoot photos and video as well, so it was definitely a new perspective for me in this regard. From the driver seat.

-Ephemera: There it is again, my favorite word of the year (thanks Carey and Myles) this is defined as something "enjoyed for a short period of time" which is kind of how I feel about some of these photos. They include product shots, food, vistas, lots of dogs, and sometimes strange people from gas stations in the middle of no where.

This is incomplete...but we have to ride...yeah West Virginia here we come...