095: Finally you too can Be Part of The Tour

Finally I've found a news source that I can trust. When passing through the Pdx airport I saw this display. My first inkling was to abandon any hopes of travel and sit in front of the Colombia display and hope to win a new Scott bike. Then I realized its real intent. To inform.

So I got closer, and upon closer inspection I realized that the internet and blogs have finally died and we've returned to a more traditional way to let viewers like you know what is happening in the world of cycling. My favorite part about this display is where it says "Crashes and wind and raing — oh my!" So Clever. And I SO want to be part of the tour.

Breaking News:
I just learned some disturbing news from the road today. I know I'm probably behind on this, but I'll try to post as much information as I can, as it comes it. The times that we live in are rife with information (as you may notice above), when the interwebs are concerned you can get everything you need at the tips of your fingers (or in the airport).

But believe you me, you heard it here first.

Lance won the Tour de France today.

I can't really go into all the details, since I need to head over here to celebrate with him. Apparently he's going to fly right back to Austin to hang out with us and celebrate.

For this:

One lucky team is going to walk away with this little beauty of a trophy. And then we're going to watch the movie afterward. And then we're going to party. A lot. Now, I don't know about you, but this shit is happening in a way that I don't think the TdF is going to ever be able to match. Ever.

I like short sentences.

This is our tour guide to Austin. In conjunction with Erin of course. More on that later. But if you're wondering why Christopher Stanton is so serious. Keep scrolling. He's serious because he means business. Watch out Austin.

See you soon.
High Five.