098: Neighborhood Watch

I figured while I'm in the neighborhood I should really get to the bottom of this IF Embrocation bike. What does it look like up close? Can I touch it? I say things like 'awesome,' 'amazing,' and 'rad' way too much, so I'm sure there's something better to describe. In any case, stay tuned for a little more in depth interview with Clint Lunsford the head painter over there (who's also somewhat of my personal brother in arms as well.)

The Embrocation Moka Pot looks good wrapped around like this. The pattern works well. Check out the White inside of the fork.

I wonder what would happen if you unleashed our design team on a whole bike? I mean seriously, I'm sure that we could get our heads together and come up with something cool right?

You'd totally ride that. Who am I even talking to?

Speaking of the design team they have actually been cranking out some kits in the past few days.

And the place that I'm staying has cable television. And you know what that means? Nurse Jackie. A lot. Which I have to say is ok. The episode we watched last night included some of the a good amount of drugs, some screaming and yelling, more drugs, a payoff, and a leading lady that looks like a man.

Sound like anything else? (especially the leading lady part as I recently heard someone call Lance a "Dyke" no joke I laughed for about ten minutes, after which she explained herself and I kind of went...ooooh yeah).

Which we all know that Lance already won.

"I think...uh..I think, there might be something personal between those two teams."

This was Lance's quote when asked why they chased down Hincrapie. Weak. His response should have been "this is a bike race, that is what you do when you realize that one of your competitors is off for the leaders jersey."

Or Hincapie should have paid everyone off with Hincapie Jean's. Although as I typed that I figured out why he couldn't do that. Because the sizing of the jeans start at a 30 waist. Big mistake George, don't you know that the largest rider out there is going to get lost in a 26? Have you seen these guys George? Oh, wait, maybe you haven't because you've been too busy riding off the front?

Moving on.
As I was flying from Austin to Boston I saw in the in-flight magazine tucked into the back pocket of the seat in front of me that they had already published the winner of the 2009 Tour de France, and there he was in his new Whirlpool team kit on. I did a little google research on his new team and this is what I came up with.

Take a look at Mares Martin's bio. He's got some pretty interesting stuff going on there as well. He lists his favorite race as "none" and his interests as "all kinds of sports, hockey, movie, coffee." Ok, so no one ever claimed that professional athletes are all that interesting? But seriously..if this Cycling Team is your Marketing Plan, what are they doing for you Whirlpool? At least give me some shots of a bunch of dudes in a Whirlpool. I mean, they do make those right?

Now Contrast
Take a look over here in the Basketball arena. Contrast Mr. Martin with that of Ron Artest and his website. Really check out this website, its very space age and there are all sorts of interesting nuggets stored within (nay, on the front page) that will make you love Artest and his sensibilities. No matter how off they are.

For example:
He has a quote on the front page that says:
"As a lifelong fan of Michael Jackson I want to apologize to anyone I may have offended with the language I used in my Michael Jackson tribute..." Then directly underneath this quote are three things. His autograph and then two icons that say things like "Watch Video" and "Read More." Now I clicked on the "Read More" first and was I greeted with a treat. I thought it was going to have something to do with Michael, and I guess it kind of does, but ...no go. Check it out. Its about Dogs Balls. Not even joking.

The gang is back on the road and there is already some pretty sweet video to attest to the fact that they are having a great time and getting slogged by PVB on the gravel. I tried to hold back the tears when I watched this film, but, its ok, to cry. After all, this is emotional stuff.

ANGEL FIRE, NM from RAPHA on Vimeo.

Ok, I tend to get a little off topic when I'm talking about the tour de france, but my meanderings are just to cover up for my mis-steps. If you want some actual coverage and commentary that is really good. Check out the Pavé website. Aside from having been a DS, Whit Yost actually knows how to write about it too..

And then there's Here Come the Belgians.

Which is just plain awesome. So, check that out too...