127: Interjection.

My friend Jedd just sent this over so I thought I would throw it up. Pretty frickin hilarious. I don't know these areas, but apparently they are over in the Atlanta area. Good times. Coming from Jedd though this makes total sense. He didn't actually make the video, but it is still pretty awesome.

Reasons why this makes sense:

1) He has made some strange videos in his day and now has a little video production company of his own. Check it out here. Once he made a video of his Dad Butch eating lentils. Slowly. This is what I love about his family, they are always game for anything. I wonder if that video is still around somewhere?

2) Jedd and his brother Joel were and always will be The Fierce Austin Brothers. They were the duo that actually got me into cycling. They quite literally placed me on top of a mountain bike and showed me how to slip my tennis shoes into the toe clips. So, I guess that is fitting. We also had some good times riding in the snow.

3) The Fierce Austin brothers also have the best collective sense of humor that I have ever come across. So, I guess thanks for that too.

Thanks Jedd.