128: What the Pros Do.

So, it should be known that I'm always on the quest for PRO. Is that not why we do this anyway?

I pester Molly Cameron about it all the time. What are you doing? How is your training going? Who is going to be the fastest this year? How can an average Joe like myself get to that next level?

These are just a few examples of the kinds of questions I have been known to ask.

So, I decided to ask Molly what she was doing on Saturday (small lie) to prepare for the first Cross Crusade Race on Sunday.

This was Molly's response:

I typically spend a few hours the evening before a big race in transcendental meditation. Connecting spiritually, as well as physically, with my machines and the pain I am about to experience the next day. This is followed by an olive oil bath, in the style of the ancient Romans.

After which I have 13 virgins scrape my body clean with small sticks they have found in the forest.
While consuming my dinner (a tablespoon of lemon juice with a splash of tabasco), I'll intently study mixed martial arts videos for a couple hours, brush my teeth, then do 100 crunches before laying in bed. I'll call my coach (Adam Myerson) before I doze off and make sure my power is going to be good. Once he quells my pre-race nerves, I can rest. So yeah um, I've got a lot going on Saturday night, but I'll try to make it!

I guess one could say you heard it here first? But I am going to spend Saturday prepping for all of this. I was not aware that being a PRO was going to be this hard. Sigh. I guess they do have it hard, all the free bikes and electronic equipment must be justified.

Speaking of which, who's coming out to this?
See you soon.