142: The Weekend.

Benji Wagner put together another stellar video, this time for the cats at Signal Cycles. They have been updating their blog with some sweet shots, but more importantly I have seen them at every race this year. Love those guys. And remember Benji? He did the Breaking Away rendition down in Austin and that funny little short of me where you get to see every jiggle the my skinsuit has to offer. And apparently there are quite a few of them.

New bike weekend. For everyone. Ok, not everyone. But I have been seeing some new bikes around. The Signals, that you can see in the video above are sick sick sick! Hufnagel has a couple new frames out there that Anderson and Tommy have been raicing on and they look amazing. And then there is our little Collaboration with this pretty awesome company known as Ridley.

More on that after the Jump. What jump? Basically whenever someone writes that in their blog, I think of this jump that one of the neighborhood kids and I built when I was in fifth grade. I think we broke both our bikes, a few sheets of plywood and my snoopy skatboard (that was on purpose- too nerdy -lashing out).

Headtube Action.

Finally had some mud this weekend too, which made me happy. I prayed for it, and I do not pray. On the way to the race Steven Hunter and I had a sort of quietness about us (not true) and we meditated on the possibilities of having rain. What it would feel like, how we would react. Would we want to keep racing, or just take off our shoes and squish our bare feet around in the earth? Anything can happen.

What did happen was one of those results that I hoped for.

I went up to Molly after the race to check on Mullet Growth. You will be happy to know that here EuroStyle has quickly become EuroSteeeeze (hold out the "eee's" for dramatic effect.) Here is a photo if you are wondering what I am talking about. Aside from the hair though she also had some sweet zip offs from Showers Pass. They looked good and they keep your kit clean until you are officially ready to go for "it." Might have to check that out. (Ps, she does not have "cankles" either, it was just a funny angle.)

Forgot to mention the best-best part (best part was the mullet). She won, again. So, to all you naysaying Bitches* I say "Boom" and I say it short, (with a sort of stuccato vibe) and I say it sort of loud, but not too loud. Like an intense whisper.


*There were not any naysaying Bitches. Come on man, this is a sport of love. Of Athletics. This is what Pete Rubi likes to call "the Athletic Community" and there is no room for naysaying Bitches in it.