153: Everything Will Be Ok — Part Two.

First off I wanted to re-post this video that I believe Bikesnob put together. But let it be known that I do not condone this type of behavior. People should not Do The Marijuana. Anyone having anything to do with the Devil's Drug should be punished. Like whats his name, Phelps -The sinner. I mean swimmer. And the Sumo Wrestler who was just kicked Out of the Sport. Maybe a little harsh there guys.

Also there is this:
Marty from Geekhouse was one of the people that I was hoping to meet up with while in Boston. That however, did not happen. Sorry Marty. He is a great guy though and it makes me happy when people put together bike racing teams. Especially ones with great people and crazy looking kits. Oh yeah, and David Wilcox races for them, and he is pretty much the best. So, there's that.

I also saw Marty when I was in Vegas in September past. It was not that long ago. This is still relevant. He was hanging around the SDG Saddles booth when I saw him. He helped to design a saddle for those guys. The (Allston) Rock City (personally, when I lived there, I called it Awefulston, but that's just me) He showed me his kit at the same time. Ah-mazing. In any case, go hang out with these guys at the Middlesex.


I had some responses to my comment about not sitting next to attractive people on airplanes. I appreciate those responses. Really I do. It makes me think that you are reading this. Which apparently you are. It also made me think really hard about whether or not I have actually sat next to someone attractive on an airplane.

1) I sat next to Ira Ryan once. He is pretty. But I am not talking about people that you went to the airport with. I am talking coincidence.

2) Michelle Rodriguez and I were on the same flight through Atlanta. She is attractive, but she does not count as a real person. And I did not sit next to her.

3) Sat in the middle of a Women's Volleyball Team. I was a little excited at first. Until I realized that they could and would break me into little pieces if they wanted too. And they weren't attractive... its not that I am hating on unattractive people here. Just pointing out FACT. Like the Carbon stuff from Specialized.

But feel free to relay your stories to me. That is what I ultimately want to be, a conduit in the storytelling world. Let us create our own folklore here people. Rich Bravo, I'm directing this at you. Because if anyone out there has a story about sitting next to someone attractive, it is going to be you. Do not hold back.

One last thing for you. This shop PAPERCUT just started carrying Embrocation. I read about it last year in Monocle and thought to myself. Wow, if only a really sweet shop like this would carry Embrocation that would make me really happy. And now they do. And then when I typed "Embrocation" in the Sök bar. Yes, I just typed "ö".