154: Everything Will Be Ok — Part Three (things)

1) Has everyone seen this already?

Maybe I just missed it. Sir Paul Smith doing a trackstand? Nay, stop the presses. Sir Paul Smith doing a No Handed Trackstand. I would say that is worth noting. Hipsters. Adam Meyerson take f-ing note. If you can be Knighted, as in everyone has to call you Sir, AND can do trackstands you automatically win. Whatever it is, you win. Now, all we have to do is get Paul Smith to do Trackstands for the queen herself (not Cavendish, the other queen) and we should be all set. Has this been passed around by the troops and I just missed it? (found via Daisuke's Twitter)

2) Chris King's Foray into the Future.

I know, I know, it has been a long time coming, but I think now could be the time. Check out what is happening over in Mellow land down in Austin. Here is a photo of the new Ceilo Cross Bike. Blue, blue is good. What about Purple though? Anyone have any idea what happened with Purple? How do we get that one back? Or the one that they did for Vanilla. That blue that was almost a, well it was an annodized Blue. (Cielo Twitter or Flickr, you choose - try both)

Speaking of which. I thought I saw that cross bike somewhere else. At NAHBS last year. Could be a different bike, or maybe it was because I was distracted by the EDGE Carbon wheels this time around. I have to say, I'm kind of digging the low profile carbon. What is everyone's take on that? How far off are we to just riding all carbon all the time? Anyone have any R-Sys I can borrow?

Here is a little more about Cielo from Chris Aguirre (he left Portland for greener pastures, boo.)

3) Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, Oregon.

I wish that I had a twitter account to link you to with this one. Is it going to be a knock down dragout fight here in Oregon? Will the hometown hero (Trebon) be able to bring it home? Or will it rain more than .025 of an inch and then the out of towner (Johnson) will pretty much run away with it? Or, option three (personally the one I'm rooting for) is that D. Timmerman (oh bearded one) walks away with it. Or at the very least sneaks it in to the top ten. It is going to be big, it is going to be awesome. Keep your eyes peeled for some of that action.